Running for Macomb County Board of Commissioners

District 12, Clinton Township

Working For The People!

Why I Am Running

I am running for office because I care deeply about Clinton Township. As a special education teacher, my life's work has been to uplift our families. In these challenging times, we need leaders who will guide us towards becoming better and stronger with a keen focus on ensuring public health, safety and economic prosperity for all. I will always serve as your voice and make the needs of Clinton Township my foremost guiding principle.

My Mission Statement

My vision for Clinton Township and Macomb County includes strengthening public safety, fixing our crumbling infrastructures, enhancing services for our seniors and veterans, and protecting the public health while revitalizing our economy by increasing access to testing, contact tracing and treatment for COVID-19.

We need to put a priority on protecting and preserving important services with an eye on the bottom-line. Now more than ever, we need to partner with businesses and schools to ensure we make Clinton Township and Macomb County accessible to all.

My Values

I am the person:

  • You can trust and who will listen and hear your voice.
  • Who will facilitate change while being mindful of what your needs are.
  • Who will bring reason and logic to the table.
  • Who has the ability to compromise and reach across the table without bias.
  • Who works hard and gives her heart to her community in an effort to give back unconditionally.

I consider my most important contribution to be my loyalty, commitment and dedication to work tirelessly to help Clinton Township through these difficult times so that we can be strong and prosperous again.

"Alone we can do so little; Together we can do so much."

Helen Keller

Register to vote

The primary election is August 4th, 2020. You can register to vote in the state of Michigan online through Election Day