Mark Hackel

Macomb County Executive

For nearly a decade, Macomb County has flourished under the leadership of Executive Hackel. His tireless efforts have put Macomb County at the forefront of economic development and prosperity in our region and state.

I am grateful for his support and friendship and look forward to partnering with him as we work together to navigate the challenges presented by COVID-19. Together, we will protect the health and safety of our families and uplift those who have been impacted.

Michigan Democratic Party Youth Caucus

State Organization

John Chirkun

State Representative

Harold Haugh

Board of Commissioner Member

Bricklayers and Allied Craftworkers Local 2

Local Union

Representing thousands of members across Michigan, BAC Local #2 improves the quality of life of our vital skilled trades in brick and block laying, building restoration, cement, marble, plaster, refractory, stone, terrazzo, tile, and precast panel work. Through its advocacy on training, promoting access to well-paying jobs, and fighting for quality benefits and workplace protection, this organization is critical to our regional and statewide economy.

I am honored to have their support and look forward to our continued partnership as we work together to uplift our middle class families.

Pipefitters, Steamfitters, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Service Local 636

Local Union

With more than 2,400 members, this organization has a storied history of providing excellent representation to our skilled trades. For 70 years, the Pipefitters in our region have created and supported a renowned apprenticeship program that is at the forefront of training skilled craftsmen.

I am honored to have their support and look forward to working alongside all of our skilled trades as we support our vibrant middle class and revitalize our economy.

Michigan Regional Council of Carpenters and Millwrights

Local Union

With 14,000 members across Michigan, this organization is a leader in obtaining a quality standard of living for their members by way of fair wages, great health care, and a secure retirement. The union's commitment to safety for their members on job sites is second to none. Union carpenters and millwrights receive extensive training in a renowned apprenticeship program and are critical for our local and regional economy.

I am so grateful for their support and look forward to our continued partnership on behalf of all of Macomb County!

Laborers' Local 1191

Local Union

For over eight decades, this local has effectively advocated for fair wages and benefits as well as safe working conditions for our skilled construction trades in Southeast Michigan. The work of the union and their members is critical to sustaining and rebuilding our infrastructure and revitalizing our regional economy.

Teamsters Local 299

Local Union

This historic organization has led the way in the fight for fair wages and benefits, safe working conditions, and a stronger and more prosperous middle class. With a diverse membership spanning blue-collar and professional workers, this union is critical to our local economy. Now more than ever, we recognize the critical importance of our truck drivers, providing essential goods to our communities and keeping our supply chains functioning.

I am so grateful for their support!

Greater Metropolitan Association of Realtors

Local Organization

Representing 9,400 realtors across our region, these hardworking men and women work tirelessly to make the dream of home ownership a reality for so many families!

Detroit Plumbers Local 98

Local Union

Their 1500-plus members are critical workers in our region. For nearly 130 years, this organization has been a staple in our community.

I'm so grateful for their support and I look forward to working alongside their members in coming months and years!

Clinton Township Firefighters Association Local 1381

Local Union

Clinton Township first responders are the best of the best. Our firefighters exemplify courage, professionalism, and steadfast service to the community.

I’m so grateful that these amazing men and women have endorsed my campaign.

Operating Engineers Local 324

Local Union

I will always stand with their 14,000 members and their families. Their work is critical for our regional economy. Throughout Michigan, this organization is a leader for workplace safety and enhancing the quality of life for our middle class.